10 Sharp Nail Designs Ideas

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Nails are a beautiful part of the human hand that can be decorated. Nail art designs give a beautiful and delightful look to the wearer. Nails can be shaped in a hundred different ways. Whether you like them trimmed short or grown long, nails should be taken care of and nurtured to give a healthy and astounding appearance. A pretty manicure and nail art design can change your style and make your look perfect for the occasion. Various nail designs can be sported for different occasions and match your attire or theme of the day. Nails can be decorated differently in different seasons. Some cool colors are suitable for summers. Bright and floral pattern can be sported in spring. You may have a cartoon nails for young girls or 3D patterns on to your nails.

Join us and get inspired with beautiful nail art designs for sharp nails in this post.

Sharp Nails Beautifully Decorated for Halloween

The festive season of Halloween is nearing and we all need ideas how to style our sharp nails with spooky nail arts; get all creatures on your nails as below.

Sharp Halloween Nail Design Ideas

Black White Nail Art Designs

Long pointed nails look even prettier with the white black combination of nail art design.

Sharp nail designs

Textured Stiletto Nail Designs

Stiletto nails can be beautifully done in blinding colors and given textures using studs for a chic style.

Pink Sharp Nail ARt Design

Pointy Nail Art Ideas for Women

Mix various patterns and textures on your nails for a trendy and stylish look that matches your personality.

Stunning sharp nail design

Sharp 3D Acrylic Nail Design Ideas

3D nail designs give an amazing and realistic feeling when worn on nails; these floral French tips impart an amazing look.


Scripted Nail Art Idea

Write the word love with a red heart on white base color to express your feelings.

White sharp nail designs

Nail Art in a Colorful Style

Different chic nail art designs are displayed at a go in stunning colors.

Long sharp nails

Nail Art in One Stroke Design

Free hand nail art design with single stroke method gives great effects.

Sharp floral nails

Almond Shaped Nail Art

Almond shaped nails in black, pink and gold colors create an elegant and soft look.

Sharp nail art

Let the nail design be simple or intrinsic, you will get a stunning look after wearing one than plain polished nails.


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