Hot Red Nail Designs Ideas 2014

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A women’s hand is nothing more than a groomed skin and well shaped nails. The hands of a lady show healthy and classy styling. Well maintained and not bitten, with latest hot red nail art designs the nails looks classic. The color red has different shades so paint all of them red, with the best color that suits your skin tone. Black and white nail art design suits best over red. Red nail art design remains evergreen and colorful giving a trendy look to women of all age groups. You can make your red hot nail art designs by using triangles, diagonal lines, polka dots or even give a Christmas look with white snowflakes. To give a Christmas red nail art design all you have to do is make sure that the red nail paint is all dried up and then with white nail paint you can create a nail art design of snowflakes with dots over it. Black and white nail art designs suits best over red nail paint. Where black to an extend merges with color red, white gives a contrast look. These nail art designs are most common across the world. Red nail art goes well with traditional tone giving a gorgeous and ethnic appearance. The red nail art designs as well suit the formal parties giving a charismatic look of you.  When combined with black nail art design your nails give a Gothic appearance.

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